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It’s common knowledge that my memory is not the greatest. It’s not that I’m forgetful; I just happen to not remember some details in the story. I can’t recite movie lines, I can’t tell you what happened in season two of The Office, etc… harmless stuff, really.

But, luckily, there are some things I do remember better than others. Take S’MAC (Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese) in New York City. I remember the trip fairly vividly – a rarity for me. It was January 2007. I was a junior in college home for winter break. A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a link to a place that made only macaroni and cheese. My reaction went something a little like this:


Wait, have I died and gone to heaven?!!?!?!?!

Now, of course, I’m not sure the exact course of events from that point. All I know is that my dad and I decided to take a trip to New York City shortly thereafter. I grew up at the shore, outside of Atlantic City, so it wasn’t often that we ended up in NYC. It went without question that I would have to drag him to S’MAC while we were there.

And drag I did, from S. Jersey to 345 East 12th St. I remember it was a warm winter weekday, a Thursday perhaps. Women were walking around 2nd Ave with yoga mats in hand (hello East Village). We arrived right around opening at 11:00am. Several teachers from the school across the street were taking a break. Other than that, it wasn’t as packed as I have seen it now.

S’MAC is a typically small, NYC-type of place. The yellow and orange décor makes you feel like you are swimming alongside the noodles served in your cast-iron skillet. They serve four sizes: Nosh, Major Munch, Mongo and Partay! That day I ordered a Major Munch of the “All-American.”  The website describes it as, “Just the way you remember it as a kid! Nostalgia at its finest – a tasty blend of American & Cheddar cheeses.”

Nostalgia it was.

I sunk into my orange chair near the exposed brick wall and devoured the hot, cheesy, burnt breadcrumb topped goodness. I was truly living my version of “a kid in a candy store.”  I do believe the sky actually parted and rays of light shined down.

Unfortunately for us, however, my memory has forgotten my exact original thoughts. I do remember the excitement and happiness of the visit. My jealousy for Sarita & Caesar Ekya, the couple that owns S’MAC.  I know I thought, “Why can’t I be the one with a restaurant solely devoted to Mac and Cheese? After all, I’m its biggest fan!”

Well, maybe one day I will own my own version. Until then, I’ll just keep taking my friends. Let me know if you want to join!

The Deets on S’MAC:


Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese (S’MAC)
345 East 12th Street, NY, NY 10003
(212) 358-7912

… My next post will be about my thoughts on the food and more recent experiences I have had at S’MAC with friends.


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