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First things first, welcome to my debut blog post.

… Now, let’s get to the goods. The cheesy goods.

In Social Media, it is often said to listen first – well, typically read – and then contribute. That is exactly what I’ve been doing. It was only fitting that my first blog be about macaroni and cheese. My love affair with it, to be exact.

Love affair? Yes, love affair.

Most of my friends know about this already. They know that I will immediately order macaroni and cheese on a menu. They will join my excitement for any restaurant dedicated solely to the food (such as S’MAC, Macbar and Supermac in New York City). They follow my Twitter account (@MacCheesy) on the subject. They wait patiently for me to finish my lengthy conversations about it. Heck, they even give me the latest scoop.


Latest scoop = “Guy Fieri was on Z100 today [Elvis Duran Show] and they had an extensive conversation about macaroni and cheese.” (Thank you, @MagEGordon!)

Then, last night, it happened. A friend asked me this question: “Would you give up Mac and Cheese for Ryan Gosling?”

Whoa. Blindsided. That was a great question.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently on a mission to watch every one of his movies. Netflix queue is set. My favorite standby, sobbing chick flick is The Notebook. My friend, Dana, even has a picture with him. This was once her Facebook photo.

:: insert jealousy here ::

Of course, immediately after that question left my friend’s mouth, curiosity set in. What do I think my friends would say? I talk a big game with both Macaroni & Cheese and Ryan Gosling. Being the Social Media professional I am, I turned to my Facebook status.

In less than two minutes, the first response said it all: “never”

Never? Well, actually… I would. (A girl can dream. Can’t she?)

The likelihood of that happening though is slim. So, lucky for you, here comes a passion for the other love affair.


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